Chucker Golf was specifically created for the benefit of those persons who, due to a physical limitation, cannot swing a golf club effectively. Born from a generous heart, Chucker Golf has grown into a Sport for all of us; adults or children, young or old, athletes, non-athletes, disabled or abled. With few exceptions, we can all enjoy this fast growing outdoor activity with friends, family, or as a self-challenging test of our own skills

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Chucker Golf is Golf as defined in the Rules of Golf, “A sport wherein a player plays a ball from the Teeing Ground into the cup in successive strokes.”  With a few “Local Rules” to accommodate securing the golf ball in the Chucker Cup at the playing end of the Golf Chucker, a Chucker Golfer is subject to all the traditional Rules of Golf.

Chucker Golf is played using a Golf Chucker that catapults a golf ball up to 150 yards in some cases or even farther in a few instances using an overhanded motion similar to a serve in the Sport of Tennis.  The average Chucker Golfer gets distances in the 110 –135 yard range.

Once a player gets within approach distance of the green, the Golf Chucker is gripped in a position for an underhanded motion.  From a lob, pitch, chip shot or putt, the underhand stroke can produce results virtually identical to approach shots with conventional golf clubs.

Playing the Forward Tees at regulation length golf courses or the regular tees at Executive courses, a Chucker Golfer can play to the official scorecard for the course being played that particular day.

No Sport has ever produced as even a playing field as Chucker Golf.  Old or young, strong or weak, athletic or non-athletic, disabled or fit, all Chucker Golfers have an opportunity to score extremely well in this newest of Outdoor Sports.

Chucker Golf plays right alongside conventional golf in every way.  A group of four players could be playing Golf and/or Chucker Golf together with the same friendly competition so often seen on many golf courses throughout the world.

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    Chucker with Amy Hay at Midway Golf Complex   “Chucker Golf Is A Good Walk Enhanced!”




    “Chucker Golf can be played along side traditional Golf.  Bring a friend who has

    never played or has a disability.  Share the outdoors, it belongs to everyone.”

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    Learn to play in minutes. Easy as “1”,”2″,”3”


    IMG_8255“Get your walking in with Chucker Golf

    along side your children or grandchildren. ”

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Chucker Golf is for the family!

A perfect gift for your family is the golf Chucker Family-Pak! The Family Pak includes 4 Golf Chuckers (2 Adult / 2 Young) for an Introductory Price of $99.95 w/ FREE Shipping. Order now! Learn to play the world’s newest outdoor family sport. It’s quick, easy and affordable!

Looking For A New Group Activity (Family, Corporate, Charity)

Chucker Golf is the perfect Activity! Chucker Golf is a great Group Activity for Charity fun-raisers, Church or School Outings, Corporate Outings and Family Reunions. Easy to learn, time-saving, and inexpensive to play. Learn to play in 15 to 30 minutes. Play 18 holes in 2 hours. A single Golf Chucker is all the equipment […]



THE CHUCKER GOLFER The Chucker Golfer comes from all walks of life, young and old, abled or disabled, athletic or non-athletic. All are finding Chucker Golf to be a fun, challenging experience.  Although not difficult to learn, the sport requires a certain level of concentration, as in the sport of Golf.  The approach shots are […]